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16 నవం, 2014

GO.210 AP Guidelines on Recovery of EHF Deductions from Nov 2014 Salaries

TO DOWNLOAD G.O.MS.NO:298 Dated:15/11/2014.

If both of the spouses are Government employees or Service pensioners,

contribution by any one of the spouses is sufficient. In such a case, the applicant shall
give a declaration to the effect that the other spouse is a Government employee /
Service pensioner, duly indicating the Employee Code/Pensioner Code of the other
spouse. All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers are instructed to obtain an undertaking
from the employees in the proforma annexed to this order with immediate effect.

Note: Read Above if  both sposues are  employees.Beacause they have to submit a Declartion form  to D.D.O. Regarding E.H.S.

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